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How to Stop Overthinking?


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I’m sure we’ve all been there. You’re trying to relax, nothing is bothering you. Until you remember something that’s worrying you and so it begins. It can be something recent, or far ahead in the future. I feel like even things that happened in the past send me down that rabbit hole. Overthinking can ruin so many things. I can’t begin to count the things I’ve backed out of because of it. Have any of you found a way to manage this?


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Counting backwards, to stop the initial flow of thoughts. Having a mantra has also helped me a lot. Whenever I feel like a might start overthinking about things I have no control over, I chant to myself Everything is going to be ok over and over again until I feel better enough to resume my activities.
This has been happening to me. Only in flashes of images that come into my mind without preamble. I do think all the time and I'm currently trying to figure out where these flashes are coming from. They are things that have happened in my past.


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I try to distract myself and do something that requires little thought such as tidying up, or doing something that needs to be done. Usually it's sorting out recycling or cleaning the bathroom as I feel once it's been done I have accomplished something too. Another thing I do is cook because I have to focus on something else, and stops me thinking.


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Thank you for your suggestions, I've never tried the counting backwards. I see how it would distract you by engaging you in the counting. Also, I may need to find more ways to distract myself. Perhaps something other than cleaning, unless I have something to listen to it usually makes me overthink quite a lot. Once again, thank you!
Grounding yourself is always a good idea. My therapist suggested it to me as well. She told me to look in a mirror and state out loud factual things about myself. For example my name, age and address. I find breathing exercises help too.