How does your depression manifest?

Discussion in 'Depression' started by Vycky, Jun 29, 2017.

  1. Vycky

    Vycky New Member

    In my case, I don't usually mop around but I tend to lash out to people and isolate a lot. I basically don't want to interact with anyone and will verbally attack anyone who tries to interact with me. I also lose sleep and appetite.
    How does yours manifest? How do you cope with it?
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  3. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    I can mope around although not every day. If I manage to keep my mind busy on positive things, or engaged in something then it isn't so bad. I tend to go into my own little shell. I don't feel like talking to anyone and I don't feel like being sociable either. I tend to go for carbs to eat as well as they are a comfort food.

    I cry a lot as well when I am depressed. I shut myself away and close my curtains till I am feeling a bit better.
  4. Kaynil

    Kaynil Member

    I usually start by feeling very tired and apathetic during the day and having trouble to sleep at night. I will try to avoid going to bed and sabotage myself by staying up online or anything else that can suck my time away.

    My apetite doesn't diminish, on the contrary I get huge cravings for junk food which my mind will try to egg me into eating just to beat me down about as soon as I have consumed decent amount.

    If I let my brain loose with it, I can become a lot more oversensitive and that makes me afraid of being out as I could potentially break out in tears at any moment for the most ridiculous reason. The idea of doing that in front of others is so embarrassing and can dive me into isolation really soon.
  5. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    Junk food really does help with the feel good factor. It is the carbohydrates that give a happy boost. Chocolate does the same too as it releases happy hormones and makes us feel better. I tend to go for bread, cakes, and pastries which are still a form of junk food. It would be much better if we craved veggies and fruit instead but veggies and fruit are not so yummy.
  6. Kaynil

    Kaynil Member

    I am a sweet tooth so sugary food is also part of my junk food craves. But yes, it would be easier if I craved cauliflower and carrots. Hahaha
  7. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    Veggies and fruit don't have the chemicals in that boost the happy hormones. Even my dogs prefer junk treats over carrots and apples. I think God made some mistakes, or is it devil food that we prefer?
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