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How do you stop from googling?


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Mar 4, 2020
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Wow! That’s really helpful information, thank you. Really helps puts it in perspective.

Hahaa most days I want to

So very true! Thank you , that’s really helpful :)
I have 100% done both


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Jun 30, 2020
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So I know as someone with HA, the worst thing we can possibly do is google symptoms. Something as small as a little red spot on a breast which was a pimple, turns quickly into inflammatory breast cancer , which I hadn’t even heard of before I googled “red spot on breast” btw, and then spent the next 2 weeks spiraling and checking the spot 10 times a day until it of course just went away on its own.. then on to the next symptom , more googling , more doom and gloom. I know better than to google , yet sometimes I just can’t help myself. I go on there seeking some type of reassurance , fully knowing all I’ll find are terminal diseases. What are some tips you guys have to stop googling??
I made a promise to myself, my family and my doctor that I would stop Googling diseases but I was only able to do it for a few weeks and that is horrible. Anything you type there will show cancer or any other sort of very aggressive problem. What I suggest is to try to read that with an open mind in the sense that they have to list every possibility even if less than 0.0001% chance of being a terrible disease. Chances of having this terrible problem they list is usually very low.


Mar 24, 2020
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I actually just come on this forum to read and reply. I was a loyal patient to doctor google when my HA came back a few months ago. Then I found this forum and I discharged myself from Dr. G completely. Not that I find my diagnoses on here, but it's just the right distraction to keep me from spiraling- it's nice to be with people that are feeling the same pain. Even if just virtually.