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How do you help a cutter


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Nov 24, 2016
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HI guys.
My best friend from high school messages me on messanger out of the blue about 2 days ago and she was frantic.
She said that her daughter was caught cutting herself.
She came to me because she was there for me during my belemia days.
She wanted details about my personal experience so that she could get an idea about how to help her.
I reminded her that people being there for me and knowing that people loved and cared about me and knowing that your worried about me meant the world .
She told me that she had her daughter admitted but, they would only take her for 3 days .
She wanted to know what she could do to help prevent her from doing it again.
I told her to use the (check in method ). Don't be hovering over her shoulder because that would only teach here where not to cut herself.
She was crying and asked me.
Is there nothing I can do?
I said yes....get her therapy and on medication right away.
Try to allow her to go to meeying with other teenagers that cut themselves.
I also told her that all situations vary but. . .my therapist told me that when I was belemic....I was practicing self destructive behavior because of very low self esteem.
Anyways guys...
My question is did I say the right thing? Is there anything else I could've said? What do you guys think?