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How do I deal with depression?

Discussion in 'Depression' started by arayyahoward, May 15, 2018 at 9:35 AM.

  1. arayyahoward

    arayyahoward New Member

    I’ve been battling with depression for two weeks now. My dad who have been my greatest hero passed the veil and left the mortal life. I feel like a part of me is empty. I don’t have someone to talk to now, I don’t have someone who will comfort me when I’m in big trouble. I feel lost to this very cruel world. I feel so alone and lonely. I feel like the world is beating on me. I’ve been crying for days, many sleepless nights and tiring days. How do I deal with depression? I already asked for help to some of my friends, but none of them is helpful, even looked on testimonials in a foreign page about fighting depression but still, no effect on me. I need your help.
  2. Rinka

    Rinka Moderator Staff Member

    Hi welcome,
    I am so so sorry to hear that you have lost your father.
    It must be really hard for you.
    To be really honest, at the moment I think you are going through the phases of grief, of which depression is a natural part.
    You have lost someone close and need to find a way to live with it. This can be really hard and tiering, but will get through it.
    It is important for you to take as much time as you need, stressing yourself to get better, just makes it harder.
    I would suggest maybe going to a bereavement councillor, they can give you tips.
  3. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    Apart from coming on here to talk with us, which you are always welcome, you can see a doctor. The doctor will tell you where your local bereavement counselling is held and he may even give you some meds to help lift the depression a bit.

    My father died recently too. It was a bit of a crazy relationship he had with all his children but even though I thought I was close to him, I never cried when he died. I thought I would be a mess but I feel so blank. So much so that I thought there was something wrong with me for not feeling in the least upset. At times I've realised OMG yeah, he's dead, and I think I get a shocked look on my face but there have been no tears at all.

    Bereavement is a strange thing and different for all of us. I can only promise you that it will get easier. Maybe as long as one or two years but it will, and does get easier in time.

    Remember him and talk to him as if he is in the next room. Wish him well for where-ever it is that we go and remember the good and wonderful times you shared with him.

    We are always here for you to talk with so you are never alone.

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