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Hospital Psycho ( True Story )


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Apr 14, 2019
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Bit of a strange story from hospital. One of those things you would expect to see in a bad horror film. A random bloke, who had no connection to the hospital at all, just suddenly appearing up and starting to do all sorts of strange ****. The first time he appeared there was a woman with him, who claimed to be his wife. They had a kid they wanted the hospital to look after. I have no idea what was meant to be wrong with the kid,. Half hour passed by. Nothing unusual. Then the so called father appeared back. Claiming people were mocking his son. Which we would later find out was all part of the act. This first evening he took a cylinder of gas, people use this to help them breathe, only his plans was to use the gas like a flame thrower. He was stopped before he could do anything at all. The police we called. He fled before they arrived. Within seconds a brick shattered one of the windows in the word. Talk about old fashioned. It had a note attached to it. Warning us all. Telling us we had made a mistake and that we would pay for it.

A few days passed. Then I saw him again. To explain what this bloke was like. He would help himself to either a while coat or a green coat. To pass as somebody who worked in the hospital. Somewhere along the way he had to have let himself into various rooms to get the coats needed. He always seemed to move around unchallenged. That second evening I told a doctor it was the same bloke from a few days before. I was ignored. Hard to not recognise him. Huge beard. Suddenly they copped on it was the same bloke. He was starting to get aggressive. He fled as the police were called. But he was caught. Only thing is ‘what could they actually charge him with ‘ He hadn’t actually harmed anybody at this point. Loitering,. Trying to pass himself off as a hospital worker.

You wonder what goes through the mind of some people. The fact that he showed up a third time. There was no waiting around this time. The police were called straight away. After he left another brick came through a window. Meant to be from his wife calling us all the names under the sun. Saying he got 10 years. Which was not true as he would appear up again a few days later.

I was down in the ICU ward. I couldn’t believe what I was seem. The same bloke. Only he was been trained in. Like his first day on the job. Only things would turn nasty. His whole mood. Threatening behaviour. I told them all about him. But again, as they had never seen him before, they took no notice of me to begin with. Finally convinced something to ring up the old ward I was in. They were in for a shock. He did finally leave the ward. Went out in a blaze of swear words. He had one last trick up his sleeve. Waited for a doctor to come out of the hospital, going home, and he beat the doctor up. Doctor ended up on the same ward as myself. What happened to the hospital psycho? I have no idea. Could be still letting himself into other wards in the hospital. Passing himself off as a worker. Going from room to room.

Not the kind of thing you expect when you go into a hospital as a patient. To have to keep one eye open for a psycho who likes to stalk the wards.


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Dec 10, 2017
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Oh, that's unsettling. I hope he got caught. I think there are just people who do this kind of stuff since probability suggests there are at least some thousands of people who are... well, mentally not there. I worry about stuff like this too. At least there were witnesses I guess. Thx for sharing.