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Hi! :)

Mar 27, 2019
Hello I am new here! I’ve had anxiety & depression for about 15 years now but only recently started to go to therapy for it and am trying to get better about opening up about it. I’m going through a particularly rough patch right now and thought joining a forum might be helpful for me. I’ve been on other anxiety/depression forums before but it’s been a while. Nice to meet everyone!
Mar 24, 2019
Hello Littlemachines, Sorry to hear you are struggling with anxiety and depression, it can be very lonely and painful. It is good you are Reaching out to others, All of us suffering really benefit from giving and receiving support. What have you found to be helpful for you?
I am trying to stay engaged in life, which is very difficult at times, Sometimes just taking a walk is a bit helpful if I can stay focused on what’s happening in the present and not on my thoughts about past and future, even if for a moment. ❤️
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