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Hi, I'm new

Sep 10, 2018
This is the first time for me joining a forum relating to anything other than home or car repairs... I finally feel it's time to focus on my personal mental health repair work. I tend to suffer from depressive anxiety that comes on from time to time usually due to facing real life situations that seem overwhelming and too much to handle all at once. One of the newer moods or anxieties I've been experiencing is about going outside to do repairs to my house. All of my neighbors are busy and I know rationally they aren't really paying attention to what I do, I don't pay much attention to them either... But the thought of going out and doing car or home repairs goes to an irrational place. I really have to psych myself up.... Once I am involved in my project it's okay... it's getting out the door that is the problem... Does anyone else have this kind of issue? Funny, I'm still focused on home repairs :)


Staff member
Jul 3, 2016
Hi @radharcalainn welcome to the forum. I hope we can help you a bit. Seems as if you are going through a social anxiety period. Do you have an idea, what could have triggered this?
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