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  1. Hi! A young friend once told me that whenever she felt anxious or fearful about anything, she'd try to remember one of her many friends whom she knew was struggling real hard in life. She'd write letters to that person in mind and asked her how she was doing. She'd pay the whole family a week's visit (she lives in another state). And tell her that she was praying for her and that she cared, and that the struggling friend is loved and has so much hope to look forward to.

    That person whom she penned those kind words to, prayed for, and visited miles away --was me.

    I've joined Anxiety Community in the hopes of giving some support with truthful answers. I'm here to listen, to hear, not judge and seek to be of help in some ways. As did my young friend had been to me.

    Her life principles and selfless giving has been my example of genuine friendship, even though our families live far apart.

    We seek for case-to-case goal for the greater good of each person here. There is no one hard and fast rule. No totalitarian one-boxed answer for all our problems. Everyone is unique and special. I'm sure life is a lot better when we treat each other in the freedom every individual is designed to enjoy--differently and uniquely.

    Thank you for listening.
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  3. Rinka

    Rinka Moderator Staff Member

    Hello Hope,
    Thank you for joining us. I hope you will enjoy yourself here and will find support and could deliver support ;-)
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  4. Concernedgal

    Concernedgal Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome . If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask any of us.
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  5. XmasCarol52

    XmasCarol52 Active Member

    Hi and welcome
  6. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    What a beautiful story. We can all do with someone around us to tell us that we are cared for. It is true that we are all unique and suffer the same thing in different ways.

    Welcome to the forum @Hope Matthew1128 I'm looking forward to getting to know you! :happy:
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  7. @janemariesayed Thank you. I've been reading some of the replies on AC and I'm learning a lot. I feel that there's always an answer and good result to every problem we work on to address and deal with every day.
    Anxiety Community is really a good idea for a forum-niche where we vent, release some stress, talk and somehow find relief after a good 'steaming things off our chest'.
    Thank you.
  8. Thank you @Rinka I do look forward to finding support, understanding and rebuke, as well, on some bad decisions I make that I might share ssometimes.

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