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Help For Concentration & Focus

Aug 31, 2016
Because of my depression, I suffer from a lack of focus. My attention span is quite short as I get bored easily. I know it is a side effect, a symptom of my mental illness so I accept it and embrace it as a part of me. However, sometimes I do need to focus and being able to focus on something is really rewarding for my condition. It makes me feel that I can do it and overcome the magnetic pull of depressive procrastination.

This video is amazing and I wanted to share it with you all on here. I have never been able to get all the way through it without walking off and doing housework or some job that needs to be done. Even gardening! I only had it on in the background and wore no headphones.

Does your depression/anxieties cause you to procrastinate? What would be your way to overcome it if you did suffer from it as a symptom of your depression? Any tip could be helpful. :happy:

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