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Sep 27, 2019
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Hello everyone!

I am new and have really bad anxiety, it's about a 10 today. I'm actively trying to fix it, but I keep slipping and then ending up with even worse anxiety than before. I am constantly worried about what I've done, if I've done enough, maybe I've done too much, if I've upset someone, said something stupid, done something stupid..... constantly. Especially if I have a drink. It doesn't matter if its 1 or 12, the same thing happens.

I have decided to not drink for a bit, but what other steps can I take to help? Caffiene? Meditation? I also started a workout programme this past week to help give me happy hormones and calm me.

Any advice will be appreciated and hello!


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Sep 23, 2019
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Good for you starting the workout program. Physical exercise is very helpful for anxiety and depression because, as you mentioned, it releases happy chemicals. So that's a big step!

Alcohol is no good for anxiety. If possible, I'd certainly recommend cutting it out, at least until you can learn to cope with anxiety. Then it's just a matter of knowing and respecting your limits; an occasional drink or two is not inherently bad. But when you actively struggle with anxiety, it's probably best to avoid alcohol.

Cutting out caffeine is also a huge help. For me, too much caffeine causes me to feel jittery, which causes panic because it resembles a symptom of a panic / anxiety attack.