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Heart worry.. misdiagnosis and more.


May 19, 2019
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I'm only 15. But of course I tend to worry about things that older people worry about. Like angia. Or agnia. One. I feel it and its highly uncomfortable and can send me into a panic attack sometimes. Because of course I think somethings going on. Then that leads me to believe I have the shortness of breath. To which I've been having that shortness of breaths for months and months now. And then the agnia. The tight feeling in the middle of my chest. Like a rubber band around my heart. That's all I'm able to describe it as. That and then others. I worry about every ache and pain and worried I'm either internally bleeding, an artery was cut, I had an aneurysem, or I'm having an illness I didn't know about and I'm gonna just collapse. All of this. Those are the main things I worry about. Also small things. Like "my tongue is numb and feels raw, its probably me losing my sense of taste. I probably have a brain eating ameoba and I'm gonna die too." "I have a small headache. Aneurysem." Mostly now its the tight chest.

I'm pretty young and it seems pretty odd to be worried about heart issues. Especially when I've been to countless doctors. Gotten countless tests.


Jun 13, 2018
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What your suffering from is a type of anxiety disorder which is health anxiety.
It often will jump from health issue to health issue
But I promise you will be okay.
I've also been there
this is how my mind works
pain in chest = heart attack
leg pain = blood clot
head ache = meningitis

I'm going to an intensive therapy center now for OCD which health anxiety can be a form of.
With people with health anxiety there is a constant fear of uncertainty
I know this is hard but when these thoughts creep up tell yourself " yeah it could be (blank) " tell your self tis "yeah it could be" " who knows" this will; eventually silence the thoughts. The more you google the more you will worry yourself. I my self am scared of something every week and I'm still struggling with this technique but it is the most effective because reassuring ourselves by googling and stuff will never solve this it only fuels our thought.
Wish you the best

Blue butterfly

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Jun 11, 2019
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hi! I’m the same I’m always worrying about every little pain I have! I also have tight chest already went to the cardiologist 2 times and everything is fine, I started having anxiety after a antibiotic that I was allergic too and I’m sure it left me with the side effect of anxiety because I never had an anxiety attack before, the first time I thought it was a heart attack and went to the ER and said it was an anxiety attack or panic attack, now I know what anxiety feels like! It’s horrible I’m afraid of being alone and something bad happening to be like a health issue and no one to be there for me I’m just a mess!