Having troubling differentiating dreams from reality

Discussion in 'Other Mental Health Issues' started by mandiyork, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. mandiyork

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    For the past few months I have been having these really vivid dreams where I can't tell if they actually happened or not. Most of them are of people who I know telling me something really serious.

    The first one was my best friend telling me she had an eating disorder, anorexia. I ended up calling her to see if it was true/if she was okay. She was kinda taken back by it since it clearly didn't happen. I used to have an ED so this one makes the most sense.

    The others include my guy friend telling me hes gay, a guy from high school reintroducing himself to me and liking me, etc.

    The guy friend actually did end up being gay but I didn't find out for 3 months after the dream since that is something I would never bring up to see if it were true.

    I have been ignoring them, or trying to at least, but it's hard to decipher my dreams from reality and it sucks more that they are with people who are close to me usually or false fantasy situations with a guy. It makes me worry about them but too embarrassed to ask if what I dreamt was real. Also this doesn't happen every day more like every few weeks

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  3. Matthewtweedie

    Matthewtweedie New Member

    You are actually dreaming about the things which are moving around in your thoughts, stop thinking so much, try meditation to relax your mind and thoughts...........and you can consult with a hypnotherapist, they can surely help you out to understand whats going on with you
  4. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    You will need to consciously make yourself aware but you can deal with this. Have a dream diary! Put the pad by your bedside with a pen. When you think you have dreamt, write it down straight away. Even just a couple of words will help you to remember. Doing this will help you to differentiate between that which was a dream and that which wasn't.

    Dreams are a way of releasing. I remember years ago, I dreamt that my brother was dead and I woke up in the morning not knowing if it was a dream or not. I had to call my dad to ask if he was alive or not. Dreams are symbolic of things going on in your life at the present time or past or future. A good dream website is 'dream moods' dictionary. If you look up the words meanings you will begin to understand what is a dream and what is the reality as well.

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