Have you ever called an ambulance because of a panic attack?

Discussion in 'Panic Disorder' started by Kosta, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. kelden

    kelden Junior Member

    Not that I am able to remember, fortunately. Just a bit shaken sometimes, but never worth an ambulance.
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  3. amy88

    amy88 Member

    I've never had to, but one of my siblings did. She didn't realize it was an anxiety attack because it was the first time she'd experienced one. She thought she was having a heart attack or some kind of asthma attack and she was at work at the time, so one of her colleagues called an ambulance for her. It was frightening I think for everyone involved.
  4. clair02

    clair02 Junior Member

    My husband took me to the hospital the very first time I had a panic attack. I didn't know what was happening and I really did think I was going to have a heart attack and die. I was so scared I even said my goodbyes to my loved ones. When we got to the hospital, the first thing they checked was my heart because I was insisting that it was the problem, and they found absolutely nothing wrong with it. In fact, the doctor told me I was perfectly healthy, only then did I realize that I had just had my first panic attack. I've never had to call an ambulance after that, thank goodness.
  5. stephonline

    stephonline Junior Member

    When I had my initial panic attack I was with my mother and stepdad (thankfully because I don't think that they would have believed my panic attacks unless they saw them happening in the flesh). Their initial response was to take me to the local emergency room. They were ready to take me there because they had no idea what was going on with me. I was in the back seat of a car and my stepdad was trying to take the off ramp to take me to the hospital. Luckily I was able to speak and tell him that I was okay and that I knew it was a panic attack because I had sought treatment for anxiety attacks in the past.
  6. kgord

    kgord Junior Member

    My rooomate who has COPD did when he thought he breathing was being affected. One time his O2 was low, but the other times it was not. It was simply anxiety. Of course not being able to breathe would make almost anyone anxious. he takes meds now, to help, with the problem. It seems to be one of the ways he an can talk himself out of the attacks or calling the ambulance. It is simply mind over matter in most cases.
  7. Concernedgal

    Concernedgal Well-Known Member

    Lord a mighty yes. 3 times a year at least.
  8. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    No, because my counselor explained to me what it was before a hospital visit could happen. He told me that all it was, was that I had been shallow breathing. My heart was just pumping faster to get air around the body. All I had to do was take deep breaths and hold them in for a few seconds and let them out again slowly. I tried what he advised me and found it really helps. This means I can deal with the situation myself and don't need to call for help.
  9. AngelaMc

    AngelaMc Member

    No this hasn't happened to me thank goodness, when my attacks happen I try to take myself outside of the trigger. My friend on the other hand has called the ambulance several times so I can relate to you doing this @Kosta :)
  10. Natasha0717

    Natasha0717 Active Member

    No, but I did end up at Urgent Care once, and then some emergency doctor's appointments when I truly believed I was dying of one thing or another. I was lucky enough to have a doc at the time who would squeeze me in at the last minute, even though I didn't have a scheduled appointment.

    As for the Urgent Care episode, I completely quit eating and drinking because I thought I had a tumor in my throat, wayyy down where nobody could see, including me. The Urgent Care doc simply sent me home with tranquilizers and told me there was nothing growing in my throat. He did check my throat out, and I was sure he would need to scope me or do some other type of invasive procedure....but as usual, I just ended up going home with a prescription for Xanax. My mind can be very convincing....my mind is a scary thing. :confused:
  11. Jess91

    Jess91 New Member

    Iwent to a e with what I thought was a heart attack I cud not breath room was spinning my arms n legs shaking I cudnt stand up I was put on a bloody stretcher .it was just a panic attack! I thought I was dying?! Sent home 2/hours later all well bye bye
  12. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    That sounds pretty scary @Jess91 especially if you don't realise what is happening at first.
  13. _Lukas

    _Lukas Active Member

    I've never called an ambulance myself because of a panic attack, but other people have called ambulances on me for various reasons and I seriously can't count the number of times I've been hospitalized... It's so frustrating!!
  14. juan

    juan New Member

    Yes, I actually was rushed to the hospital recently. I had a panic attack while I was driving in the highway late at night. I've had them before so I was sure I could manage it. but this one was severe. I had to pull over to a gas station cause I thought my blood sugar was low. started feeling very hot and turned on the air conditioner, then immediately turned it off. I was sweating a lot, my jeans and shirt were soaked. next thing I knew I had blacked out for 30 minute due to lack of oxygen in my brain. next thing I know there is a lady in my car taking my pulse while my daughter called the paramedics, all I remember was me shaking a lot, my heart beating really fast, feeling nauseous, and sweating gallons, not being able to breathe, my eyes feeling heavy, and hyperventilating. Then I blacked out again until the paramedics arrived. this has never happened to me and my daughter was scared. when I arrived at the hospital they did a Blood test, x rays, and heart monitoring. sure enough, i had a severe panic attack and abnormal heart beating. so yes it can happen.
  15. Paul

    Paul New Member

    My first real attack I swore I was just not eating and needed food. When that didn't help I had a co worker drive me to the hospital .My second one I had my wife pick me up .Every time I felt like I needed help or I would die .Now I know I won't die but I still feel like calling an ambulance every time .Having a wife or support friends helped. Now I know to breath and squeeze my hands and toes .

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