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Hate and how to deal with it I guess...


Mar 19, 2020
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I have had been struggling with trying as if late. Two factors: hate and sloth. Given my misgivings and mistrust toards other and my own selfish paranoia. With that I feel like its ruined my life. Well maybe hindered it more likely. To point I feel like taking my own life or thoughts. Now it is to the point I don't belive in anything. Not my dearm, not my faith, my own ability, my academics, my future, my heart and my soul. I got nothing to fight for nor do I want to. All I am ever good for is being a burden, failing everything,, and giving up. But at this point injust don't care

For those who still have hope, for those who still have love in thier hearts, for those who still believe in somthing. Foght for it. Dor now I know that hatred can poison you to know end. Shackle you to from doing anything relavant. From loving some one, making friends, going places, and being happy. All things I want ton o, but when I do them still feel empty and pointless. Hopefully its different for you, so you don't get caught up being a loser like me. So I ask is how do you deal with hatred and self loathing? I hope you live better than me.


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Apr 14, 2019
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Hated is a waste of time. The person you hate feels nothing at all. You are the one with the hatred inside of you. So will be the only person feeling anything at all.