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Good update & getting help


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Feb 25, 2019
Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give you guys an update: I went to see my regular doctor for both my anxiety & some head cold symptoms (turns out I'm allergic to snow mold... which I didn't even know existed). My doctor, not the one that freaked me out with the C-word but my regular one, checked over my lymph nodes, throat & everything and assured me there wasn't anything there. She also gave me some info on the night sweats &mentioned that if they were a symptom of a lymphoma or some other cancer, my blood work would have definitely shown something other that normal.

She was still concerned about my anxiety and we had a really good talk where she asked if I wanted to go on medication. I mentioned cognitive behavioral therapy worked before with the rare half of a lorazapam when it was an emergency, so I'm got an appointment next with with a CBT therapist, with some baby-dosage beta-blockers to reduce my heart rate should I have a severe anxiety attack.

I'll keep you guys updated as thing go, but I also wanted to thank all the peeps who reached out an answered my questions and posts. I'd have lost a lot of sleep & had way worse anxiety attacks without you. Plus, for those still struggling, if you haven't tried CBT give it a try; I'll let you how my round 2 with it goes. =)



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Jul 3, 2016
Hi @Guen im really glad how it’s going for you :) . I know from personal experience that it’s hard work, even harder to reach out and request support sometimes. CBT is really got to retrain your brain into new thinking patterns, hard work but if you are consciously working on it, it has the ability to change your life.
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