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Getting Physical

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Sometimes I find myself ruminating about my situation, and when that happens, the anxiety takes hold and my mind runs away with it and catastrophizes the worst possible outcome for whatever situation I'm focusing on at the moment. I try to manage my anxiety with natural methods rather than medication, and sometimes distraction or deep breathing can help me refocus my energy. Other times I need more, though, and when that happens, I find that physical activity and a change of scenery can help get my mind off of the situation. Depending on the weather, I might take a drive, go for a walk, or even just do some housework. Changing my location seems to reset my brain, and even encountering different sights can help in that regard. Focusing on a physical activity such as washing the car, cleaning the tub, or even doing some crafts, can give me a break from the excessive worrying, and decrease my anxiety.
Physical activities always make me feel better when I'm experiencing anxiety. Exercise helps me take the focus off of my anxiety and lets me find something else to focus on. When I'm running in place, my mind is only thinking about how much longer I can run without becoming incredibly tired. The only downside I have with physical activities is that my heart rate elevates. Once my heart rate elevates and I notice it, I have trouble focusing. My anxiety seems to get worse when I notice a rapid heartbeat- even if it is caused from exercise.

I find that using my resistance band works wonders. It's similar to lifting weights and doesn't elevate my heart as much.


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It's no surprise that any form of physical activity is guaranteed to make you forget your anxiety, because your body is moving and it also keeps your brain busy. Reading or other non-strenuous activity won't really work, I tried that already and I just ended up not concentrating on what I'm reading because the anxiety is still there. On the other hand, when I tried to clean the floor, I noticed my anxiety subsiding bit by bit until it's completely gone.
Getting physical? For a moment there, I thought this was about something sexual. I think I can see the logic in your action. Physical activity does use different parts of our brain. Probably the parts which control physical activities are not the same ones which are affected by anxiety. So when we do something physical, it sort of relieves the pressure on the parts of our brain which deal with anxiety. Have I tried this before? Yes, I have. Doing a thorough cleaning of the bathroom has always had a therapeutic effect on my mind and body.
Physical exercise is well know to help people that are suffering from depression and if you go to a doctor they will even say the same, and keeping active is a way to keep the brain focused on other things. Exercise also releases chemicals in the brain that can actually make a person feel happier, even though they might not be able to tell in their everyday lives, and I know that it certainly helps me. Even now, when hopefully my days of mental health issues are behind me, I can go to the gym or go for a swim or a run and I can tell that I instantly start feeling a lot more positive about things.


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Yes, everytime I feel a headache or tired of being closed between 4 walls, I take a stroll or go to a friend's house nearby to chat a little and come back to perform my tasks. It just works, going physical is perhaps the best way to put yourself a quick fix to keep moving.
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In addition to feeling better just because I'm moving and being active, actually seeing a completed task helps. A clean bathroom or kitchen helps me feel a sense of accomplishment. I'm glad others feel the same thing. I wasn't sure if it was because of how I was raised, but cleanliness was a definite requirement in my family growing up. I had a very productive day yesterday, and I feel better today. I have some physical tasks on my To Do list today as well, and am looking forward to taking care of them before I run out of energy.


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Yes, I think it does help when you physically help yourself it makes you feel better,and even getting a task accomplished helps you feel better as well. Knowing that you are doing something to help yourself can help to alleviate depression I think. I think that there are lots of things you can do when you are looking for relief from depression. The thing is keeping the tasks you have done, done, because when they fall apart it can be doubly depressing. I am a proponent of physical exercise and tasks to feel better.


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After getting into physical activity, I realized that being active puts me into a good mood. My work is routine, and I feel sleepy after work. But then, if I go to sleep, I end up gaining weight. Hence, I walk as form of exercise. Walking in a park with lots of trees is nice, and I couldn't resist walking. I tend to get agitated whenever it rains because I really like to walk. Walking, for me, helps sharpen my mind as I plan the things I need to do after exercise and for tomorrow.
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2 weeks ago my therapist made an interesting comment. For some back story it was a bad bad week, I came in there and pretty much was venting like crazy about the garden work and my dad verbally abusing me, etc... Other stuff too... Anyways she made a comment that I need to do something for me and with the garden ending she doesn't want to see me inside all day so she suggested walking. I use to walk almost everyday at one time and it made me feel great. One thing that keeps me from walking is that road we live on is busy... I do live near a walking trail though which I could drive too and then take a walk around the track and record my progress. Now that the garden work is done I think I already gained a pound or 2 so I am worried about it. I know with social anxiety for me it can be hard to be outside at the walking park but it is worth it, and afterwards I always feel better.
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I have been sitting around like a blog lately because I am in a flare. Yesterday I medicated up and decided to move some more things around up here in the office. I am on the computer a lot, and wanted to be able to multi-task by watching videos at the same time, or catching up on my TV shows. I am also changing the office over form a traditional office to more of a multi-purpose office/craft room, so I swapped the large bookcase and the television. It's been difficult to watch the TV up here because I have full light in this room, and I love having it so bright, but it was shining directly on the TV screen. I put it on the other wall now, so the room can be as bright as possible, and it won't interfere with the screen. I was also able to rearrange the wires for all of the electronic equipment, so now things look a bit more tidy. The ultimate goal is to get rid of the big bookcase, but not before I get rid of all of the stuff collecting on the shelves. I can't do that without going through it all and organizing it, so I can see what I still need, versus what I can donate or sell. I feel such a sense of accomplishment every time I look at it. I can't wait until I can get the whole thing redone and also get rid of more things downstairs, but I have to remember to take it bit by bit and not overdo it, or I'll end up in more pain.