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For those that ask about leg fatigue/stiffness/not working...


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Oct 10, 2019
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Ive told you that this is my main symptom when it comes to panic attacks/bad anxiety. It hasn't happened to the extent that happened this morning in a few years...

Ive had some pretty bad anxiety going on and this morning a couple things hit me in a row...I started to feel the energy surge to my legs hitting with that strange light lega/not going to work feeling. I almost let it go and didnt get up because i didnt really think it would hit full blown. I got up and immediately especially in both knee areas was very stiff and felt hard to walk...during these i think I feel coldness more, and that affects the legs. I can look down and see them shaking. I walked and walked doing random things. It lasted 15sh minutes but finally went away.

This was also the first time it happened with my wife around...she was concerned about something that contributed to the attack, so it was a challenge in that respect too.

Just wanted to give some details for those who have this happening as a symptom.