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feeling down?


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Aug 5, 2020
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hi guys just wanted to write some things that have rlly helped me:

sitting in a quiet spot and journal (preferably outside in the fresh air).

listing to music. i suggest listening to why don't We (Wdw) . they are an american pop boy band now a man band trust me you will really like them. song suggestions:silent night cover, don't change, what am i, 8 letters potential breakup song cover . they are coming out with songs called be myself and ill be okay which are anxiety songs they say so stay tuned for those. i really recommend. songs to listen to when feeling like a break from anxiety: slow down, hooked, fallin, LOTUS INN, friends and lots more just look on their spotify. they have seriously saved my life and hopefully they can save yrs too!! tell me what you think of them :)

Doing things that will help take you mind off like hobbies like guitar or singing or dancing. i try to become a better singer and also wanted to do painting which i heard it is really good. i also did drawings too but have to start again!

write things you are grateful for and what you are good at. Often when we are down we often think we are not good enough, well i do-which i am working on to remind myself who i am really am

when you have a bad day, remember tomorrow is new day where you can start fresh