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Fears rearing up.


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May 19, 2019
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Thinking about seeing a psychiatrist again, starting therapy, maybe another medication. I take my meds but it doesn't seem to help when the thoughts get so overwhelming. I've been worrying so much since my intense panic attacks 2 days ago. I've been constantly on edge. Jumping from fear to fear to fear. First it was poisoning, now I'm worrying about just minding my business and having an aneurysm. This fear is getting worse now that I'm almost 18. The world of health problems just begins at that age.. like every article is 18- whatever age. And there's not many ways to fix the issues I don't want to have. Either their sudden or I just can't do enough to prevent them. Like no matter how much I do or how healthy I am or how many vitamins I take I could still just drop dead.

I hate not.. controlling this. I hate this constant fear this constant uncertainty.

Today it's just been uncomfortable fullness in my body, all over my body really. Breathlessness. Feelings in my head.
I don't know. Not like I can stay away from media.


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Nov 30, 2020
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I’m 22 now and I understand but it gets better you have to learn to listen to that rational person in your head more then the one that’s telling you something is wrong. I know it’s easier said then done and it takes practice but it will get better. Finding someone to talk to helps. It’s gets so tiresome. Try to live in the moment rather then living in the future, because at this very moment you’re fine. You’re not in the hospital you’re not on your death bed. You’re okay. Living in the moment helps so much.