Fear Of Going Out?

Discussion in 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)' started by Myers, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. Myers

    Myers New Member

    Has your OCD ever gotten to a point where you feel you cannot go outside anymore or round peoples house because it may not be clean?

    What sort of impact did this have on your life?
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  3. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    A friend of mine is quite dirty. It disgusts me as he and his home really stinks. :stinkyfeet:I dread going around there and when I do I don't like to sit down or use the toilet.:yuck: I don't like to drink a cup of coffee from his cups because of getting germs. Since though, I have realised that he is terribly depressed so I kind of forgive him. If forgiveness is due, but it still disgusts me.:vomit: I still try to stay away from his home, and him. I try to keep communication on the telephone or email.
  4. Alex

    Alex Senior Member

    I am wary of visiting other places and try not to touch door handles if I can, and if somewhere looks unclean, I try not to stay long. Often I say I'm just passing or that I can't stay for a drink or pull a bottle of water out of my bag and say it's easier. Some places I don't even want to sit down; I had one friend where the place was so bad there was no where to sit and you just had to stand. Then one day I just told her I was going to clean the place for her as a birthday gift as it needed it. To me it worked both ways, as I knew it would be clean to my standard and I wouldn't have to dread coming over all the time.
  5. thisnthat

    thisnthat New Member

    Well, if someone if filthy and their home stinks and there is no place to sit down, it seems to me that wanting to avoid these things is quite normal. I think if you fear going anywhere, anytime, because of germs then I see more reason for concern.

    I mean, look at the case Alex mentioned. You weren't afraid, per se, since you were actually able to touch things and clean them for your friend. You were just uncomfortable visiting in filth, which to me is a reasonable response. Of course, I'm not a medical professional, but it seems perfectly sensible to me to want to avoid filthy, disgusting, messes if possible. I wouldn't want to drink from a dirty cup either.
  6. pwarbi

    pwarbi Member

    I'd imagine that this can happen with most people who suffer from OCD about cleanliness, but what's the alternative, just simply stop going out? OCD is more common in people than what we think, and many people will have a very mild form and probably not even know it but if it gets to the point where it's stopping you from leading a normal life, and stopping you doing things you want to do, then it is time to consider getting help.

    I'm not sure that OCD can be cured as such, but it can be managed and that's the main thing and with a lot of mental illness just finding a way to live with it and manage a happy and fulfilling life is the main thing we should be making a priority.
  7. Decentlady

    Decentlady Member

    I just recently met this new person whom upon getting to know better made me realise that he has some form of OCD.

    He is actually improving but gets difficult time touching people's hands while handshake or eat with their hands at say birthday parties like the cake.

    He uses sanitizer and even bath at the office for the fear of being dirty. I have been trying to talk to him and I think he has good insight but it's a habit hard to drop.

    Initially using public transport was a very difficult for him but now he is much better.
  8. Rosyrain

    Rosyrain New Member

    My husband refuses to do the #2....if you know what I mean, anywhere else but home. It has really hindered our plans to go places over the years because we had to wait until that daily duty was done for the day. I prefer not to do that thing away from home, but I will not allow it to control my life and if nature calls, I will go where I need to.

    He also does not like going anywhere that there is a crowd and finds that going out is too much effort. I have had to practice patience because I like to be out and about.

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