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Eye Twitches, Red Cheeks, Sleepy.....what in the world is happening?

Sep 7, 2019
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Y'all I honestly feel like I've had a good handle on my anxiety over the past 2 years but this hiccup has me feeling CRAZY. First off, my left eye only has been twitching for over a month now. I'm not talking multiple times a day but to the point where I can at least point out like 2 or 3 times where it happens. Only my left eye! Especially seems to happen when I rub it or sneeze....so weird. Then to top it all off I feel like my blood pressure is literally through the roof. My cheeks become super red and hot and I feel sleepy and like I'm just about to lose it. Normally it goes away after like an hour or 2 but it's still really concerning! I just feel like such a hot mess.

I'm traveling a lot for an internship, my boyfriend of almost three years is moving 10 hours away, and I'm about to graduate with my Master's in less than a month. You would think that I would be stressed but other than these physical things I feel perfectly fine and at peace. I'm just so scared since high blood pressure is the 'silent killer' but also like....WHY THE HECK WON'T MY EYE STOP TWITCHING?!?!?! LOL.

I'm a mess.

Such a mess.
Also forget to mention that when my blood pressure feels high I get this somewhat painful bulging feeling in my neck. I'm so freaked out that it's a blood vessel heading to my brain about to kill me. So ya know....totally fine over here. Totes fine.


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Sep 23, 2019
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I'm just so scared since high blood pressure is the 'silent killer'
It's referred to as a "silent killer" because hypertension is often asymptomatic, meaning no symptoms, hence it's "silent". Meaning your cheeks being red and feeling warm is probably not related to blood pressure. I have mild hypertension, and I never know when it's high - even if it's temporarily very high. I've had readings as high as about 165/100 in the past, and I had no idea at all (this was before I started a beta blocker). But if you're concerned about blood pressure, speak to your doctor.

I know what you mean! Twitching can be quite the nuisance, huh? I also experience twitching fairly often, even in just one eye or the other. I've never thought twice about it, beyond feeling like "why the hell won't you just stop already?!" It's normal. I feel like it's even more normal that it happens especially when you sneeze or rub the eye.