Exercise as a way of overcoming anxiety

Discussion in 'Natural Remedies' started by CarlosTL, Jul 8, 2016.

  1. Nakitakona

    Nakitakona New Member

    I go for everybody that exercise is the suitable way of getting rid of one's anxiety. When a person is under stress, feeling anxious for some reasons. Taking a medicine is beyond his reach for example and besides it is not always recommended for its side effects. Exercise in one's most convenient to do is best recommended. When one is physical exercising like for example a brisk walking to make it possible for it doesn't need a gym, a gadget or whatever materials for exercise. After 30 to one hour of brisk walking, he perspires and feels refresh. His body becomes energized and his mind becomes alert. All those unfavorable conditions of his body are gone.
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  3. jy76

    jy76 Member

    Exercise is a massive way to control anxiety, especially jogging.  Myself, I enjoy non-stop jog for at least a couple of miles with at least one uphill challenge. However, people should use caution.  Jogging in very cold or hot weather can be dangerous if proper percautions are not taken.

    Finally, by the way, lifting weights is a good side exercise along with jogging.  
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  4. AngelaMc

    AngelaMc Member

    In my opinion exercise helps tremendously. I have bouts of depression especially in the Winter months, and when I am not working, I find the best remedy for me, is walking. I believe walking is not only great for your health physically but also clears your mind, and helps relieve stress. I know everyone is different but in my case this works well.:rolleyes:
  5. And it's a lot safer. Non-toxic. Improves our quality of our sense of wholeness in our being and state of mind. Like you said, helps us feel good on the inside and out. You can even sing or listening to uplifting music while doing exercises and vigorous exercises.
  6. FolkArtist

    FolkArtist Pending

    Its pretty natural for your body to keep moving but I think you need to use your energy in a more productive way as well. I think everybody has heard of endorphins-the chemicals your body releases through exercise but have you heard of the hormone cortisol that can be released from to much stress. To much cortisol can cause headaches and backaches so I think since the day is so long you and have to use your energy wisely,and after mindless exercise(which could cause anxiety) it could make you more tired. I would go with movements that are more utilitarian though,like riding your bike or hiking to the store to buy groceries as an example.
  7. janemariesayed

    janemariesayed Junior Member

    It sounds a good idea and I would believe so. My sister is always exercising and I think it makes her feel really good too. I'm a bit lazy though. The most I do is walk the dogs and do some gardening when it is sunny.

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