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EMDR Treatment?

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I've been offered EMDR treatment for the flashbacks and anxiety I've been having. Has anyone any experience of this treatment? Also, what do any of you know about it? It is a new thing for me and I haven't heard of it before now and haven't a clue what it involves.
I have had this treatment done and it does work in changing your way of thinking about an event in your life that has caused you mental stress. This could be any number of things that now cause you pain or anxiety, or fear whenever the subject comes back into your mind or focus. Here is a link to a website that explains the way the therapy works.
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Thanks for the info, but now I have had a visit from the crisis team and they tell me that they think I should have talking therapy and perhaps do the EMDR later. I'm a bit confused whats going on at the moment regarding therapy but I'm going with the flow and waiting.