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doing well but....


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Aug 5, 2020
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hey guys so for the past couple of days i have been goiing to coles on my own then yesterday i went out to get sushi nd treats from coles. when i went to ordered my sushi, the lady had a dissapointed look on her which i think has something to do with me since i dont know what they are thinking- like are they judging me. when i tell my mum she says whos looking at you and im like dont ask that question cus i know people where. i know that you cant let others ruin your mood but it is easier said than done...

now i dont want to go out as i get sensitive

i need to work on it! hope you can help me out? what shall i do now my day is ruined like i had stuff planned like writing letters to my favourite band but no i cant cus i am a piece of ****!!!!

does anyone ese experience tis


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Apr 14, 2019
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You think her look was aimed towards you. I think it was nothing got to do with you at all. Bit like saying you can tell a person has anxiety by just looking at them. Which you can't do. But a lot of people with anxiety think people look at them and know they have anxiety. This is just over thinking. The mind making its own conclusions. This woman probably looks at everybody the same way.


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Nov 5, 2020
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You could be "mind reading" as they call it in psychological terms. I have definitely caught eye contact with strangers when I was angry, and seen them look a little worried. Then I feel guilty about possibly hurting someone and ruining their day or life. Also Cuchculan is right to mention that she may do this everyone.

I had a dental receptionist who was unbelievably rude every time she spoke to me, and even in person! After blaming myself long enough, something made me email a complaint. The next day I received a phone call from the manager, telling me she had been fired. Turns out she had many other complaints about the rudeness. I think she either did it to be spiteful or she was having a rough day and couldn't help but look at you the wrong way.

And please don't call yourself such names!! NO you're NOT a piece of s**t!!!! Sensitivity is a wonderful gift and character trait.