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Does anyone else worry this way?

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Whenever i have a pain or ache, even if it is pretty minor, I will start to panic and wonder if that pain will ever go away. I know deep down that of course it will go away eventually. For example, a couple times a year I get a pretty bad migraine headache. They are fairly debilitating and for the day or two that it happens I really can’t do much but lay on the couch. They always pass but I still always worry if it will ever go away. I end up just making the headache worse by worrying about it and what causes it. That’s just one example out of a dozen. Does anyone else’s brain work this way? It’s super annoying and drives me crazy .
Yep. Had the same thought this morning dealing with my shoulder blade pain. I know it will eventually pass, especially if I could just get my mind off it but with healthy anxiety its impossible to think of anything other than every pain you feel. Even if it's not even that bad, and most people wouldn't even give it a second thought I obsess about it.
Yep! And my brain goes back to the topic no matter how busy I am, how illogical I'm being, or how small that little pinch of pain is. And then I go find Mr Google-- which, I can just say, don't do it. You'll end up with 1089 possible syndromes. So yes, in short, a lot of hypochondriacs' brains work like that. Yikes.