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Covid worries.


Dec 26, 2019
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Well, for the past week or so I've had a tickle in my throat. Nothing horrible usually goes away with morning coffee. I can't really say it worse but its not really getting any better either. Yesterday I had some stomach distress. Spent the first half of my day in the bathroom. Seems to have gone away but still had me nervous. Now for the past two days, I've been swearing that I'm burning up. Which I'm not. No fever at all. I also feel like I have random bouts of shortness of breath, but that seems unlikely to be real also. I just cut and split 2 cords of wood today and was able to do it fine. My tickly throat is still there. Doesn't really hurt but doesn't feel right either. Someone in a bowling alley I go to tested positive. They bowl on Fridays and I bowl on Tuesdays and we had no direct contact at all so seems pretty unlikely. I don't know. I just hate this feeling.


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Nov 5, 2019
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Hi BA. Your dealing with what most of the world has had to at some point in the last year. We all, me several times, have had “symptoms” since last March. I’ve had sore throat, loose stomach, that same hot feeling with a normal temperature, etc. I actually freaked out last week and got a COVID test. Negative. I’d had no close contact and neither have you. Freaking anxiety playing it’s damn tricks on all of us. Like billions of other people, we count the days when this is finally over.