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Constant urge to take deep breaths


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May 15, 2019
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I’m new to this forum and I’m hoping for some people you can relate to the issues I’m having . Thanks in advanced for reading. So August of last year I was visiting a friend total friendly and calm environment. I notice that I was having trouble getting to the top of my breath I was experiencing shortness of breath . My friends girl friend noticed I was having trouble and I just kinda brushed it off . I then went home and thought nothing of it I’m guessing it went away? I just can’t remember. So later on that week I noticed it again at work and and it was a little more intense and I started to notice it more and more and that the sensation was not going away . i also feel a suffocation feeling along with chest tightness constant as well .During this time I used canibus via vape for about 9 months prior . I used it for medicinal and recreational use . Never really had a problem with it while using it only a handful of times I got a little to high and got some anxiety from it but I would calm myself down knowing I was home everything was okay and what would there be to worry about . When this air hunger or dyspnea came on that day at work I really didn’t know what was happening obviously panicked a little but it was so new I figured I could rule this out with a doctor . That being said I literally I mean literally had every test under the sun Done with pretty much every kind of specialist. I did quite using canibus thinking it was a cause of this pulmonary problem . Every doctor has told me this is an anxiety/disorder . So I went to a psychiatric nurse practitioner who evaluated me and said yes this symptom is because of anxiety/stress or panic or depression. I agreed cuz I was very desperate to get better at this time . She had put me on a combination of medication witch didn’t help at all the benzos just made me feel kinda gross on top of this sensation and the ssri’s Where not helping at all either . At this point i was frustrated and tried to seek out more medical/biological answers and still nothing but a little case of asthma from a PFT a doctor finally did. I’ve never suffered from asthma in my life I’m very active and never had much allergy. But asthma medication did nothing and besides this sensation and shortness of breath I’m a very healthy young man says the doctors . So this issue I’m having has been going on for 9 months now and I also feel suffocated and tightness in my chest along with a constant clearing of the throat .But my question is can anxiety manifest something like this and then continue for this long ? I’m just at a lost for words I tried everything and nothing has ever subsided this horrible feeling . This is just one big mystery . But I can deff say I have severe anxiety and depression now from this because it has completely ruined my life . I fee selfish saying that but I’m in so much discomfort sometimes I just wanna die:( . I’ve never had a medical history of anxiety/depression in the past but I can say before all this started I have felt things like this but not enough to where it caused horrible symptoms like this . I’m now completely focused on my breathing and it’s just very uncomfortable I’m a little OCD witch comes from my dads side but I’m 28 years old and this has to be the worst my life has ever been and was just blindsided by this. I’ve been through many stressor in life and it never really bothered me to the point of have symptoms. Did using canibus trigger something and that’s why I’m having these symptoms? I don’t know what to do I just want some relief but I haven’t felt that in 9 months so I’m now scared that this is never gonna go away witch makes all this that worse but what is the underlying issue that’s the mystery question here can the brain really mindset constant physical symptoms like this ? Can anyone relate and have any answers for me .
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Aug 7, 2018
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Hi and welcome GarrettV. I'll give you my personal opinion that all of your symptoms are from anxiety. If you can accept that, perhaps you can let up on your focusing on those symptoms from thinking the cause might be something worse. You've had the medical testing done which say you're in good shape along with the psychiatric nurses' diagnosis of an anxiety disorder. I would seek out a therapist and/or do another trial of different anxiety medication. There's no question that anxiety can produce those symptoms for an extended period of time, especially with your fears that the symptoms might be caused by something more sinister.


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Apr 4, 2019
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As triceps said, this can certainly be anxiety related. Anxiety manifest itself wiht MANY symptoms - the list is extremely long and what is a symptom for one person may notbe for the next. That being said, how long were you on the SSRIs? They typuically take 4-6 weeks to fully work so you may not have given them enough time.