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Concerned and worried


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I don't know where to begin. I am 6'1" and weight about 251 pounds. I vacillate between thinking I have diabetes and that I do not. My last physical was in July 2017. My fasting blood glucose at the time was 91. I purchased a Walmart Relion Prime glucose meter and test myself weekly. My current 30 day average is around 89 mg/dl and the 14 day average is 92 mg/dl. I took a home A1C test back in March and it was 4.9. I took the second test (2-pack) last month and it was 4.8. Now, these numbers would indicate that I have nothing to worry about.

However, I do realize I am overweight (obese by medical terminology). There are times when, like this morning, my meter will give me a reading of 122 mg/dl. I then take two readings right after that and they're both normal (i.e. 88 and 90).

I'm find myself looking in forums or online for info about the reliability of home blood glucose monitors and home A1C tests. It seems I don't want to trust the results of the home A1C tests or my monitor's results. I even post in forums about these things seeking reassurance.

I do go for a brisk walk six days per week for about 40 - 50 minutes each time.

Back in March I started having a problem where I suddenly felt like I had to pee all the time. I would go and would have the urge to empty again right after. I went to a primary care doctor and he diagnosed me with an enlarged prostate. I then saw a urologist in May who said the prostate was no longer enlarged, but that I had tight pelvic floor muscles. He ran two different urine tests that came back with nothing. I still have the problem off and on throughout the day where I feel that I have to pee. I then start to think that maybe I do have diabetes since frequent urination is one of the symptoms. I made an appointment to see another urologist in August.

Now, this concern/worry has not gotten to the point where I've lost sleep over it. I do get some anxiety about it. There are times when it may affect my appetite (i.e. no desire to eat) or mood. Frankly, I don't know what to do. My next yearly physical is next month and I'm not overly concerned about the diabetes, but there are times where, clearly, I am. The home testing is proof of that.

I try to keep in mind that there are people with problems much bigger than this.

I almost went out and bought another glucose meter to test against my current one to compare the readings. I came to my senses and realized that would be a waste of time. I'd appreciate any thoughts, suggestions, or input people have on this whole situation. Thanks.
My grandma has diabetes, so does my uncle, and my aunt and my other uncle and mom are over 50 now and were said to possibly be pre diabetic if they don't watch stress and sugary food consumption. My family is not obese and my mom and uncle are thin so its a genetic thing. Im also thin but I went through a phase of constantly fearing I would get diabetes. I just watch my sugar consumption now and I don't don't exercise they way I should so im glad you walk 40-50 minutes a day. Keep that up, monster your sugar intake, and see a nutritionist. There IS a special test other than a regular blood test that shows If you have or are in danger of diabetes. Consult your doctor and tell him the reasons you are concerned. This will pass. Don't worry and if worse comes the worse and you get diabetes there are many medications and treatments and food plans that can help you have a completely normal life with it.