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Colon cancer scare now


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Aug 2, 2018
Hi all-
I wrote on here a few weeks ago regarding my health anxiety. I just can’t seem to calm myself down.
After I went to my obgyn and all my scans looked good, I felt relieved. This relief barely lasted 24 hours and now I’m convinced that if it wasn’t gynecological- it must be colon cancer.

My stomach has been in distress for almost a month now (obviously my anxiety has been awful during this time) and I’ve been reading all these stories about young women who got colon cancer. I’ve been having stomach pains/cramps, some nausea, and a change in bowel habits (nothing extreme but I have been needing to use the bathroom as SOON as I open my eyes in the morning and that is new for me) and I’ve read that anything new for you, bowel wise, isn’t good.

I’m 26 and had twin boys 8 months ago— and I keep reading about moms who had colon cancer while they were pregnant and never even knew but they found out later. I’m so convinced that this is going to be me too.

I do have a question— my entire pregnancy I was under close watch because having twins is “higher risk” so I got transvaginal ultrasounds every week for my entire pregnancy almost. Do you think they would’ve seen something “wrong” with my colon or notice something?

I’ve had blood tests from my GP a couple weeks ago that were normal so I’m wondering if that would show anything?

I wish I never read these stories about women my age.
Aug 6, 2018
Have you told you primary care doctor about your bowl changes? I hope it isn’t that extreme. I have a feeling you’re fine :)

My mom had colon cancer when she was in her 50s and is alive and well❤️ My siblings and I have to get a colonoscopy in our early 30s just because our mom had it. I’m a little nervous because I turn 30 this December...not about cancer, just the procedure seems scary.

I send positive vibes your way!
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