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Check this out!

Would you ever have thought it? I wonder if it would work for me? I think I will try this and see, next time I manage to get out I will get some gum and see if it works. I think today's research is amazing, the things they find.
Sometimes I might eat just for the sake of it even if I'm not hungry. Even if I eat something that is not so yummy I can feel a bit better so I bet it is like you say, just the chewing motion.
Hmm... Now I think that chewing can even aggravate the problem. Such a reverse effect... Anyway I'll try to do it with smth like rice flakes (I suppose gum still isn't good for the stomach and throat). I will later publish my scientific observations for the community :)
Now I've got smth to tell: IDK... I am not sure whether it works or not, but, you know, I can't have so much flakes! :) They aren't as low-calorie as seem to be. Chewing gum is not a method too (it irritates the throat).
I always chew gum when I get anxious. But the side effect for me is all the air I gulp while chewing gum, gets trapped in my gut so I end up belching a lot when I'm anxious and feeling bloated. I may have to find another non-medication self-soothing technique since chewing gum gives me gas.
Last night I chewed an entire pack of gum (belched a lot!), went for a walk, drank chamomile tea, took a warm bath, wrote in a gratitude journal, did some deep breathing and self talk, and THEN felt better. Sometimes, gum isn't enough. You know?