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Jul 13, 2019
Just over 3 months ago my father past away and I really didn't have people to talk to because all my friends were worried that I would be offended if we talked about it. Just over a month later I was sitting at my computer and I started to sweat and my heart was beating fast and I was terrified the next day I woke up and I was exhausted and I was short of breath this continued for 3 days until I pretty much realized what it was I self-diagnosed myself with mild anemia which stemmed because of caffeine I drank the morning of the day this happened. A couple of weeks later I have coffee again and the same thing happens when I eat some iron-rich foods and I'm fine. Recently like a week or 2 ago I've had a noticeable heartbeat and a very anxious feeling also being exhausted however all this goes away when I'm walking around or talking with friends or playing video games or exercising but when I'm by myself I spiral into dark thoughts of what could be happening to me when I eventually look up symptoms and see things it possibly could be which makes it much worse. However recently through this entire thing, I've had a massive fear of Heart attacks or Hearts, in general, this might be because when we first lost my father we originally thought it was a heart attack however we then found out it was nothing of the sort. anyway, I'm curious if this is an actual thing I looked up cardiophobia and what came up were my exact symptoms. I am going to the doctor in 6 days for a checkup so im just curious. (sorry for poor punctuation and grammar I'm writing this quickly.)
Jun 25, 2019
If caffeine makes you feel worse (which is typical with anxiety) I would switch to either decaf or better still, other surrogates (barley or chicory for example). I'm sorry for your loss, these things are hard on us and they may hit us in unexpected ways.
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