Cannot sleep and not feeling to well

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by XmasCarol52, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. XmasCarol52

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    Well as usual I couldn't fall asleep again last night.No matter what I tried nothing worked I had the comedies on nothing.I even sat up for awhile trying to crochet to tier myself out that didn.t work either and of course I got the tickle way down in my throat makes me cough gosh I hope I am not getting sick,my mom says she has the same thing but you know whatever I have she has.When I finally did get to sleep this morning when I woke up i felt like I was going to upchuck,i mean I was really very sick to my stomach and of course my anxieties are very high because of it>I tried avoiding taking a klonopin but by 5 I decide I couldnt take it anymore.I needed something to put me to sleep this is three nights in a row I have had trouble getting to sleep.Today I just feel like crap I wanted to go outside but I don't want to be around anyone when I am feeling sick.When I feel like this it ruins my day because I cannot do is such a beautiful day out and I cannot go outside..I dont want to cough and gag.I am extremely tired.This makes me so mad because whenever I get sick my panic level becomes very high.
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    How frustrating to not feel like enjoying the weather when it is lovely. We wait for what seems like forever for a bit of sunshine then when it comes we feel too ill to enjoy it.

    When I can't sleep, I stay in bed. I don't sit up or get up. If I was to get up and do something, that would keep me awake and take away the ability to sleep. So when I have difficulty sleeping, I stay in bed. I tell myself that resting is good enough and it will have to do. I close my eyes and try to blank my mind. Eventually, I do end up falling asleep. But only because I have stayed in bed and kept my eyes closed.

    Someone is in the process of having a party I think. Loud music started about 10pm last night and it's still going on at nearly 9am. All I can hear is the thud of the base. I had to sleep with my window shut which I hate to do. I love the cold air when I'm sleeping. I'm beginning to feel a bit annoyed that it is still going on.

    People near to me have often complained about not being able to sleep. Or that they can't sleep until the early hours of the morning. I always tell them to go to bed at a certain time, and then get up at a certain time. Like if you have jet lag. You will be tired but your body will eventually get used to sleeping at the time you go to bed. Once they get up at the same time every day, their body clock starts to click in and they sleep better. I hope you feel better soon Carol! :joyful:
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    That would make me mad to if someone was having a party all night .They show no respect for you or anybody else.Now see with me I just cannot stay in bed actually I sleep on the couch i have no bed if I did i wouldnt be able to sleep in one anyway haven't been able to in years in any case if I dont get up I become more restless then I cannot get comfortable enough to get to sleep.Thank God i did sleep last night,Thank you I feel so much better today,The wheezing and coughing are gone,i just dont get why anytime I get something stuck in my throat i develop very bad anxieties where I am so shaky i cannot stand it and i get very bad panic attacks.WHen i had bronchitis a couple of years ago,I had panic attacks for a whole week well i shouldnt have waited a whole week before i went to the doctors but i was scares so i landed up in er on thanksgiving night the doctor was a real asshole he was rude and didnt understand anything about my anxieties he just shook his head.
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    I am feeling so much better matter of fact i sat outside from 730- to a little bit after ten this morning it just got to be way to hot.I did enjoy it so much I chatted with a couple of woman,but it is such a beautiful day outside i got both of my screen doors open.I love to get the sun in here.It makes me feel like I am not all closed in.I am looking forward to that coffee next week not the doctors but the coffee.Now that is something to look forward to.

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