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Can this really be caused by anxiety? Feeling completely lost!

Miss T

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Jun 11, 2019
Hi all, this is my first post to this site actually any public site so I hope I have managed to get this message to anyone who can possibly put my mind at ease.

I had an extremely bad bout of panic disorder in my early 20's and it completely kocked me off my feet. I had every possible symptom and side effects from it and it took about 6 months for me to recover and another 6 months for me to feel almost like my old self but at one point I never thought I would see the light. I was left with being a worrier over most things but get on with life fine.

Recently I had a very bad bout of diarrhea which was really worrying. I would eat and have to run to the toilet right after. No sickness or sweats just the diarrhea. This went on for a full week and a half and I saw the most weird things in the toilet some of it looked like it was from another planet. I called the doctor as of course I had used Dr Google and now thought I had bowel cancer. I was absolutely beside myself with worry. I had a blood test and a stool sample for inflammation done and both came back perfect.

They then gave me another stool sample test to do this time for blood. Handed that in but in the week I had to wait things cleared up and was pretty much back to normal so started to feel a little better. The test came back and it was showing blood and the unbelievable worry started again. I knew there was blood as I had seen a small amount during the diarrhea and when I did that test things were still bad. By this point I was in such a sate of worry I honestly couldn't function. I told her this and that since waiting for that test to come back things had cleared up and almost back to normal but now I am really worried its cancer. she told me that she didn't think it was that at all. I have to tell you at the time the diarrhea started I had started to use a supperfood type powder to help with fertility and within a few days the diarrhea started. She thinks it was to do with that but even though it made sence I still couldn't get my mind in check and thought this was life threatening. I told her things were pretty much back to normal and so she suggested that I do another fit test. Well this just almost finished me off. The thought of having to wait another week had set off unbelievable worry and couldn't cope with it. My stomach seemed to slow down to a halt and then I started to experience gurgling and movemt in my gut all day. I was going to the toilet the same time every day like clock work but it was constipated poop. Then I bacame obsessed with my poop. All I do if focus on my bowl movments, every time my stomach makes a nose, everytime I go to the loo I panic there not going to look right.

I made an appointment with my usual doctor told her everything from start to finish and she confirmed she thought it was the powder and it had wrecked my digestive system the blood is not unusual to find in samples especially if its from diarrhea poop. She is almost certain it's that and to just give it time. I was due to go on a holiday so she suggested that I go (I had told her I didn't feel like going as I had worried myself sick) and we could do another test when I got back but I had not to worry or I can make this worse. I did go on holiday and the constipation cleared up and started to poop normally again I say normally as although I go every day at the same time and poops look fine it does not feel like things used to be before the diarrhea. The whole process feels different, digestion feels different and not in a good way and I get on and off bloating and gas rumblings all the time. I bloat after eating and now worry when I eat I just feel off. Now I'm worried I feel off because something is seriously wrong with me or I feel off because I have given myself anxiety. Sleep is not the same and I'm waking up early and can't get back to sleep or I sleep too much and don't want to get up. My vision is weired I keep trying to open my eyes wider to see better and light hurts my eyes too. I don't feel like eating and just can't find exitment for anything. If fact all I have done in almost 2 months is pace my house worrying about my stomach and how different I feel and googling like a maniac. I came back off holiday and had a doctors appointment for fertility bloods but all I wanted to do was talk about my bowels. I told her things were back to normal ie like clockwork but just not how it used to feel for me. Preasure in bum sometimes gurgling, on off bloat and my pooping time has become very regimented, sometimes normal sometimes very soft, even passing wind feels different, she got it all. She said that I have to stop worrying and that if things are going OK with bowel movements and no more diarrhea she doesn't think I even need to do another test. She said worry of waiting for results was not worth it as she is sure there is nothing wrong and that this does not fit with bowel cancer symptoms, also with my fertility worry is not what I need.

I left feeling quite positive but still couldn't shake off the worry. I don't know if the constant worry has taken a hold and now I am dealing with anxiety and its the anxiety I now have that is effecting my stomach? The doctor thinks it very well is. The thing is the anxiety doest feel like it did in my 20's but I just feel really out of sorts and full of fear. I can't function at all. I still think there is something wrong. I have gone from bowel cancer to pancreatic cancer to ovarian cancer and back again. I have totally destroyed myself with this and can't seem to pull myself out of the worry hole. Every day my digestion and toilet habits don't feel right is another day of horrendous worry. I wake up and think about my stomach and then it's another day my stomach and gut eara don't feel right. I then don't feel hungry and then I worry its my stomach and not anxiety. Has anyone else had this before with anxiety? Now I don't know if I am doing this to myself or if it's because there is something wrong with my gut and it's causing anxiety. Has anyone else messed up their gut with anxiety and did it sort itself out? Any help would be appreciated. I am driving myself crazy with this.


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May 20, 2019
YES. This was exactly me a few weeks ago. I had some visible blood in a bowel movement, and I absolutely panicked because I was assuming the worst. Over the next few weeks I developed pretty much every symptom of colon cancer. I was even waking up in the middle of the night with stomach cramps! It was so awful and I could barely function. I ended up having a colonoscopy because of the bleeding, and it turned out it was just a hemorrhoid. So in my case, my anxiety was causing: change in bowel movements (more frequent and switching from diarrhea to more constipated), constantly feeling like I had to go even if I didn't, cramps, loss of appetite, weight loss, feeling full quickly, fatigue, I was convinced I had other signs of anemia... everything resolved once I felt sure I didn't have colon cancer.

So yes, anxiety can do awful things to your digestion. I know it's really hard to pull out of that anxiety spiral once you get so deep into it, but I hope that gives you some reassurance.
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