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Breathing is making me the most worried


May 19, 2019
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Stupid, yes. But applicable.

My breathing is so weird. It feels as if it could stop at any second. I swallow a lot and then stop breathing as I do. It feels like its a hassle or struggle. Or that I need more breaths. Or that its laboured. Its generally uncomfortable. And makes me worry to no end.

Mostly because of this breathing pattern that develops when someone is going to die soon. And of course I think I have it. And sometimes, I get this raspy feeling in the middle of my chest that travels up and then stops. That doesnt happen as much anymore. But I worry. So, so much. I've had shortness of breath since november of last year. Gotten more bothersome. I went to the doctor lots of times. All of them said I was fine.
In total, I've gotten an ekg, an ecg, a chest x ray, a ct of my head, and multiple blood tests that tested the condition of my heart and lungs. Don't know which ones in particular. But I've had those, in totality. I just dont know. I'm worried it's something I don't know about. What I ate. And seeing teens die on those news stories possibly from things they didn't know about, or unknown conditions? Yea. I get really worried about that stuff.
So naturally. Sitting here waiting for my therapist and worried.


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Apr 14, 2019
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My breathing is all over the place at times. That is anxiety for you. Irregular breaths. Is a common thing. You won't just stop breathing and die. If you want to test this one you can. Hold your breath for as long as you can. Fact is you will need to breathe. You will do just that. Is the same when the breathing goes off on us. It might not feel right, but we will always breathe. One way or another. Maybe try a few breathing exercises. Might find a good video on you tube that teaches you how to breathe in the correct way. When it does become irregular we tend to gasp in air. This is not a good thing. Only makes us feel worse. Just slow everything right down. Then take in a deep breath. In through your nose. Hold it for a few seconds. Out through your mouth. This is all you have to do. Same thing for as long as you need to. Until your breathing is under control again.

Every time I see that name of yours it reminds me of an Irish ballad. Probably one of the best Irish ballads ever written. Called ' Grace '. Is a true story. One of the leaders of the 1916 rising here in Ireland, was allowed marry his lover on the eve of his execution. Her name was Grace Gifford. They never got to spend any time together after they were married. She was taken back out of the prison. A few hours later he was executed. Married and widowed in the space of a few short hours. Very popular song here in Ireland. See what you think.