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Bat in head


Oct 19, 2021
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Today on my way home from work at the bus stop, I felt a weird feeling on the top of my head, then a sharp stabbing on my scalp where it was. I grabbed my hair and felt the spot, I looked up over my head and saw something flying away, it was black and flapping its wings. I swear I heard a squeak but I had my earbuds in so it’s hard to tell. I think it was a crow, but I’m really worried. This was around 4 o clock and it was just starting to get dark. I’m really nervous, I feel like I have a stinging part on my scalp. I know I love posted about rabies like 3 times in the past few months but I’m really truly terrified of getting it. I’m pathetic. Is it possible a bat could have landed on my head? I know this is my fault for my wearing a toque outside. I should have just wore a toupe. I’m sorry