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Appointment with needles tomorrow(and fear of the day)


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May 19, 2019
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Not afraid of needles. I'm afraid of just about everything, just not that. Except for possibly an air embolism. I saw it somewhere and basically its a small medical mistake that causes fatal consequences. Guaranteed. These are my yearly shots since I haven't done those since like 13 or so.

Secondly is my fear of the day. Well night I was fine for most of the day. Felt something in my nose I couldn't get out by blowing. Reminded me of my fear of a brain eating ameba. Still scaring me. I know how easy it is to get. Basically any water that goes up your nose that's not sterilized an infinite number of times has the possibility of killing me. The mortality rate is terrible. As in only a few people have ever survived and if they have the brain damage is extensive. A kid died from it last year when it infected Texas water even.