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Anybody had these symptoms


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May 23, 2020
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I had a car crash 3 months ago , wasnt a bad one but ever since then i have been having alot of problems with my right side of my body so worried what it might be i got my right leg going numb then i also get pain to this gets worse when i move about same with my right arm , i also get right eye pain this is what worrys me the most it also feels like there is something in it most of the time has anybody experienced anythin like this


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Nov 20, 2019
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I'd see a doctor - pain and numbness could be a pinched nerve in your neck, maybe a slipped disc. I've had similar symptoms and that's what it was, only in my case it wasn't triggered by a car accident, for some reason my spine is just a mess. It's not a life-threatening problem, but it sounds like it's not fixing itself and there's no reason to be in pain this long if you don't have to be.