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Anxiety, or heart problems?


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Nov 26, 2019
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I'm new here. My anxiety started about six years ago. I managed it with Xanax. Lately its been getting worse.

I wake up at night with heart palpitations, or my heart racing.

I went to a heart doctor. He put me through a series of tests. I had to wear a monitor for about three weeks. During that three weeks, I had about seven episodes that were recorded by the monitor. Four of the episodes indicated that my heart stopped beating for a few beats.

Now they have me scheduled for an angiogram. They are even talking about stents and pacemakers.

From what I have read, anxiety can cause all these problems with your heart. Should I seek help from someone else?



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Apr 14, 2019
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Welcome to the site. All these issues could be anxiety related. Make sure they know you suffer from anxiety. I was in hospital in May and they picked up similar with me. They wanted me to go on heart medication. I calmed right down and they were surprised at how everything they had seen just vanished. They did try and find similar issues over the next week. But I was relaxed again. They found nothing at all. I did tell them it was only my anxiety. I think they found that hard to believe. I am sure if they were to monitor anybody with anxiety over a period of time they would find a lot of similar things. A lot of people have these same symptoms. I am not your doctor though. The final call here will be between yourself and your doctor.


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Sep 23, 2019
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I completely agree with @Cuchculan . Great explanation, in my opinion. But as he stated, he's not your doctor and obviously no one else here is either. We can share similar experiences - I'm in the same boat, for example. I wouldn't jump straight to heart medication or procedures, but if the testing (angiogram) indicates a problem, well, so be it. Your doctor / cardiologist knows what to do and they will take good care of you.

If all checks out well, however, it may be worth talking to your doc about treatment for anxiety. They can possibly refer you to someone (a therapist), prescribe anti-anxiety medication, or at least make some recommendations.

Are you at risk of heart disease? Genetics, diet, alcohol / drugs, overweight, congenital heart defect, etc?

I hope all is well. Try not to stress it in the meantime. Let us know how things turn out.