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Anxiety for rabies again


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May 18, 2023
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Hi everyone,

I had another "encounter" with rabies. I was at a veterinarian's office showing pictures of the cat from my previous incident to the vet since it had a weird rash on its ear and I didn't want to touch it to take it with me to be examined. I noticed as I was walking in the vet was finishing an exam on a young French bulldog puppy, maybe 3 months old or less. I did not notice (though I was not actively looking for that at the moment) any protective gear on the vet (eg. gloves). The vet while talking to me took my phone from my hand to zoom in and out of the pictures himself. I also do not remember seeing him wash his hands before doing this. I took a mental note to not touch my face after handling the phone again when he gave it back. I washed my hands when I got home and moved on with my day. The next morning I grabbed the phone to silence my alarm and rubbed one eye with a finger that touched the phone. Although I did not poke into my eye to touch the soft tissue inside, I think I rubbed it a bit harder since it was itchy on the edge. I remembered the events from the previous day and I washed my face with a face wash gel, though now I am not sure if it was at all effective since it doesn't contain soap but it has Sodium Lauryl Sulphate instead as a surfactant. And now I am scared again. My anxiety now is that the puppy is imported from an endemic country, it's infected and asymptomatic (in the 3-7 days before symptoms), and licked the vet's hand during the exam. My country has some strict laws about animal import but also a great history of corruption and incompetence from regulatory agencies. Also, I couldn't find information on allowed/forbidden countries for importing puppies. I can't go to the doctor with this story since I've been twice to my primary care doctor already with crazy stories and I already admitted I was a bit of a hypochondriac so now with this story I think I'll just get laughed at by the staff. I'm also scared that since I touched my eye, I may develop symptoms before anyone else is exposed since the eye is directly connected to the brain. Can anyone please read this story and just tell me if it indeed sounds crazy or if is it a possible scenario?

Thank you everyone in advance for your time.