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Anxiety feels like?


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Aug 7, 2018
Today was a typical morning. Up at 7:30 am, took my meds, got dressed with some difficulty and headed downstairs. No trouble letting the dog out and feeding her. (on bad days I'll even have trouble with that). I was moving around slowly as my whole body felt like it had been jolted by something and my thinking was all over the place. Making coffee seemed like too complicated a task so I poured up a cup of cold coffee left from yesterday and headed to the basement for a smoke after turning on my laptop and tv, pausing the tv. Anxiety made my half a smoke negligible as my mind was racing and I barely remembered smoking.
Back to the main floor where I sat on the couch, having passed the coffee maker a second time and checked this site and watched cable news. I was worrying about the very simple goals I had set for the day, planning each movement including putting on my coat before taking the dog for a long walk. Duh, but my anxiety breaks down every simple task which makes every little thing overwhelming. I sat, praying that my phone wouldn't ring or that I wouldn't get an email or text needing to be responded to. OMG, what if someone visited unexpectedly? Sure couldn't handle that yet. So that's how anxiety effects my typical morning. Things generally ease up after an hour or so.
Just wondering how anxiety effects anyone else if they feel like sharing.


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Jul 3, 2016
My anxiety makes me very paranoid and isolated. I’m getting paranoid about what people think about me, it seems to change my face in the mirror. The worst thing for me is, that It seems to make me mute in situations that needs me to react and stand up for myself. All these thoughts in my head but I am unable to express them. It’s so frustrating and embarrassing.
Aug 8, 2018
I started to write “my anxiety makes me” when I realized that I have no interest in claiming this anxiety as my own. So I will say that anxiety has this effect on me...I too think about what lays ahead for the day before I even get out of bed. How many people will I have to interact with, will I make it through the work day without making a fool of myself by panicking over something (by the way this has only happened once over the past ten years, but you just never know, today could be the day ). It also causes me to be negative and short with people...for no reason other than I feel irritated. I guess when you feel anxious with very little relief, you’re bound to feel a little edgy. In social settings I’m very much aware of what I am doing, feelings in my body, movements I make. So hard for me to relax and just enjoy those I’m with. Constantly checking to be sure my heart is okay and my head is okay. It’s exhausting to be continually on guard...and for what...what do I think I can do.
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