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Anxiety becoming a serious problem in my life


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Oct 27, 2018
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Hello! I just found this community during one of my googling of symptoms that leads to a full fledged panic attack and feeling that I am going to die.
I am a 26 year old girl and I have always gone through phases where i am convinced I have a certain illness. for some time I was convinced I had colon cancer, for the past few months I am convinced I have a brain tumor. My symptoms come and go but I find that they are much worse when my boyfriend is out of town for work ( we live together). During these times I google my symptoms and i become so convinced that I am dying that I have refused to see a doctor, for fear of confirming my suspicions. It is during these anxiety attacks that I will call my boyfriend, convinced I have a deadly condition and am dying. He is getting very frustrated with me as it seems like I am just doing it to get attention from him when he is gone and I am refusing to see my doctor. I need to accept that fact that some things (like my body and illness) can be out of my control, and I need to be able to consult my physician when something is wrong and deal with it like a normal person.


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Jul 3, 2016
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I feel you. The thing is accepting that certain things such as your body are out of our control is very hard to accomplish. No to worry though. Please stay away from doctor google. Doesn’t matter what you have doctor google will tell you that you will die within the next seconds, not good if you suffer from anxiety. Maybe let some blood works done, without pressing on any certain subjects, you might be low on certain salts, minerals or vitamins that increase your anxiety.