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Anne Mills

May 2, 2021
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Well tonight calves are tingling again and not just right one (though possinly also up into my right butt cheek too). And some vein is pulsing behind my right waist.
And tonight my RHR is 67, when it’s normally btwn 78 and 100.
I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but Tonight I said I love you to my boyfriend of 2 1/2 months for the first time and it was really scary for me, because intimate relations are for me.
It is possibly interesting that I have been having some of these symptoms the more serious the relationship becomes ( I’ve let Him closer than anyone in a long time because it is such a healthy relationship and he is so wonderful to meAnd
with my last relationship I had a major panic attack on our first date.
And also today they mentioned that in our province they will no longer be offering the AstraZeneca vaccine because of the danger of Clots, which I had just over four weeks ago.(they have just changed the danger window from 4 to 21 days to 28 days now. But I am almost a week beyond that now)
These are the things that are haunting me when I’m staying up past my bedtime and should be sleeping instead to calm down my nervous system. Thanks for reading and maybe someone can reassure me. Have a good night


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Sep 23, 2019
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Tingling is common with anxiety, as with almost all other symptoms people talk about here. A heart rate of 67 is not abnormal by any means. Heart rate does indeed fluctuate, sometimes higher or sometimes lower. Some people even have a resting heart rate well above or below the average 60-100, and they can be perfectly healthy.


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Apr 14, 2019
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Another anxiety forum thing I never really get. i would not have a clue of my heart rate or blood pressure. Or anything else about those sorts of things. People should know by now that they are only making their anxiety worse by keeping track of such things. Those who have no idea what theirs are don't really have to much to worry about when it comes to those sorts of things. So that would be the first thing I would stop doing. Cut all that out. Is only causing you anxiety.

Relationships? Guess I always tended to avoid them. Was hard enough to look after myself. Let alone let somebody else into my life. That was just how the anxious mind saw things. You get involved there is always this fear that it could end. Even when there is no chance of it ending, it is there in the back of your mind. A big ' what if '. I am sure by now he is a big part of your life. That alone might worry you. You probably think about him as much as you think about yourself.

Vaccine wise? Think they all have their flaws. None of them are perfect. But because of you aware of the whole blood clot things, you will feel like it could have happened to you too. Reality is it is just a small amount of people.


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Feb 2, 2020
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Yep, I would stop checking your heart rate. As someone with health anxiety it can only lead down a bad path. Not because there is something wrong but because it varies so much depending on a variety of things (even just going from standing to sitting, after meals, certain times of day, etc) that we get caught up in the minutia of subtle differences which are completely normal. I can also see the pulse in my wrists. Always have. It’s nothing to be concerned about. HA sufferers often notice things we think are new but are not. When our anxiety is heightened we tend to take notice of everything and think it’s a new symptom.