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Advice on anxiety over losing interest in a character and their story?


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Jul 14, 2019
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Hello, so I've been wondering something. So back in early May I watched avengers endgame, and I had forgotten about nebula from the other gotg movies, so endgame was the first movie I saw her in. Anyways I quickly looked up the other stuff about her and then I quickly got obsessed with her and her backstory. I connected with her a lot because i had a lot of empathy for her because of her past, and I really got interested because she had this great character arc and change, and she's just plain badass and funny, but like now I feel like just meh about it, like the videos and info about the character doesn't affect me or trigger an emotional response like it used to. I wouldn't say that I dislike Nebula now, but I feel burnt out and I was wondering if it was because I've looped the same stuff about her character and story in my head because of anxiety of forgetting about her and not caring in the future, did I just burn myself out? And if I took a break from it would that meh feeling go away? I know that her character will be in gotg 3 when It comes out the next few years and there will be other new stuff as well and i hope i didn't like ruin the character for me because I was so anxious, I want to remember the good of the character/story and not the anxiety. I know that I've obsessed over other characters before and then quickly lose interest and move on. I still like them, but I don't obsess over them anymore. Other characters I've done that with didn't give me anxiety, but I guess Nebula really means a lot to me and now that I feel that spark slipping away I feel really upset and lost. Does anyone have any explanation,advice, or can relate to this? Thanks bunches!!!


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Apr 14, 2019
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I would say to try and remind yourself it is only a fictional character in a film and comic. It is not a real person. Think if you take fiction as reality you can get really messed up. So always worth keeping in mind that these are just characters. Made up. What they do is not real. I love films. I watch a lot of them. But that is all they are. Films. Based around fictional characters. You want it to go away, start accepting it as fiction. Telling yourself it is not real.