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Addicted to Birth control?

Jun 12, 2019
Okay, weird topic i know. But I have always struggled at my “time of the month” since I was younger. Ridiculous mood swings, feeling fatigued and hot flashes, severe cramps and excessive bleeding..(sorry tmi) but the only solution I’ve found is to go on a bc pack that is designed to skip periods... however even only getting it 4 times a yr is STILL nerve wracking to me.. I anticipate the pain, the weight gain ( weight is also something ive also started to monitor like a maniac) , the feeling like complete garbage and looking as bad as I feel. Basically pms heightens my anxiety which set off the irritability, eating, etc so for a week and sometimes even a week after i just feel and look awful... I’ve sometimes gona and even skipped even those in my packs just because i dreaded feeling that way... i feel like its silly to say im addicted to a contraceptive but i guess it’s the only thing that keeps me feeling like “me” 24/7...

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Jul 8, 2019
I'm the exact opposite bc makes me anxious..I absolutely loathe it. It makes me anxious, have zero sex drive, horid mood swings, breast tenderness galore, weight gain and insomnia lol. When I got off after a year I felt freeeeeeee. Everyone is diff so I'm addicted to not being on the pill . Do what's best for you and your body and you can't go wrong.
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