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A Positive Snowball Effect


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Oct 4, 2019
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Lots of people with mental illness struggle to overcome this terrible illness.

But many end up overcoming it with the assistance of others, such as therapists, psychiatrists, or even just a friend who wants to help them.

That's cool.

However, I think it's even more cool when you consider that some of those who were greatly helped by others in overcoming their issues, such as anxiety and depression, decide to go on and help others who are now struggling with their own set of mental health issues. It's like a snowball effect. And a very good snowball effect, I must say.

Those who were overwhelmed with their mental health issues at one time can now use their experiences with it to help others currently struggling with mental illness, as they know what it's like to deal with those issues.

So if you help some people struggling with mental illness, not only are you helping them. You're also helping them help others once they overcome mental illness down the road, if helping others with mental health issues is something they choose to do.