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Discussion in 'Journals' started by Hope Matthew1128, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. He knows me. And I'm not ashamed. He says, "You are a living magnet. What you attract into your life is in harmony (or in consequential) with your dominant thoughts." Successful businessman and charismatic speaker and author, Brian Tracy, seems to know how I'm feeling right now.

    Does his name ring a bell? He's very famous until I Googled him and read a book of his famous quotes. So far, he seems to care about my personal education. This man seems to welcome the idea of personal university-- my school of thought.

    Randomly, as journals are supposed to be, first impression matters. Knowledge impresses me the most. Like magnet-- some sort of love-at-first-sight attraction. Right now, I'm okay with knowing-- and the awareness of it is so freeing.

    I think it's a personal secret to free oneself from the stress of what ignorance can cause humans esp. for the ones trying to have an intelligent discussion with them.

    I think the "law of attraction" makes sense.
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  3. Concernedgal

    Concernedgal Well-Known Member

    Wow. That's deep.
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  4. I'm sorry. I guess, my journal wasn't making any sense. Only I can 'decode' it. :) Aren't journals 'personal' and are like scribbles and random thoughts? After writing down my ramblings, I felt better. ;-).

    Anyway, my feelings about my lack of knowledge-- to the point of ignorance -- on the subjects relevant and interesting to me, is quite annoying and stressful.

    So, my journal came to be. I felt better after my rant. :). I'm interested on how everyone writes their personal journals? :)
  5. Zeesi

    Zeesi Junior Member

    You know, for years I have known about the law of attraction; I own a copy of "The Secret". I watch it every now and then, and it resonates with me. I own many self-help and "you are what you think about all day long" books. I visually pore over law of attraction video after video on YouTube but... Just now, just today(!!) when I read that first post that says "... What you attract into your life is harmony with your dominant thoughts" have I had a revelation about certain things that are going on, and have been going on in my life. Look at me, I'm growing!! And it's only taken me several years to do it!! Wow. I needed to read this journal entry, thanks for sharing:).

    I keep a journal, a handwritten one, and have for many years. I write down all manner of things; ideas about things I'm passionate about like recipes off of the TV, decorating ideas, I write about my various challenges in life, and my successes in life. I write about gratitude, hope and faith. I write about everything, all the time, however, the rub is, I rarely go back and read what I have written. I want to get better at reading my journals in addition to writing them.
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  6. Thank you for sharing with me your thoughts. I've learned some deeper meaning with journaling on writing from within my heart. What you are saying as I was reading through your post is very refreshing.

    Thanks, again @Zeesi !
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