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  1. R

    How do I go about starting therapy?

    Recently my anxiety has worsened. I rarely have an appetite anymore. And even when I do feel hungry, the thought of food makes me sick. Eating makes me feel like throwing up even if it’s just some fruits. It’s stsrting to affect my life and I finally feel ready to talk to someone. How do I go...
  2. Liv

    Anxiety Update + New Fear

    Recently, my anxiety has increased when it comes to my relationship. My anxiety has made me more insecure towards my bf and I constantly get unwanted thoughts that he doesn't love me anymore or that he'll find someone better in college and it scares me. I hate it because I know it's my anxiety...
  3. Liv

    new 18 year old, scared of the future, looking for guidance

    Hi y'all! I'm Liv, I'm really 18 (I'm not 27, I used my favorite baseball player, Chris Taylor's birthday just incase anyone near me found me.) I just graduated high school and I'm off to college in August as an incoming Freshman. I guess my anxiety got triggered (?) when I was on vacation in...
  4. M

    How to Tell a Therapist Your Scariest OCD Thoughts

    What's the "best way" to tell a therapist these things? Is there a correct way? This explained things very well: https://blog.treatmyocd.com/how-to-tell-a-therapist-be781c19d453 I feel like therapists have heard it all if they've worked long enough..
  5. tomorrow

    Exposure therapy for anxiety disorders.

    It is rightly said that the best way to defeat fear is to face it. I think the crux of Exposure Therapy is this message.  It exposes phobic individuals to the same situation that frightens or makes them nervous, but in a controlled and well planned manner.  For example a person suffering from...