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  1. B

    schoolwork anxiety >:(

    so i have four online courses to do over the summer, one of which (math foundations 10) needs to be finished before september. which is literally impossible. but i’ve hardly even started on any of the course because i get so much anxiety just thinking about it, i’m unable to do it. i feel at a...
  2. AshDani

    In a bind due to S.A.

    Okay so this is going to be lengthy but bare with me bc I'm freaking out. So 2014 I enrolled in online college, I took a course that wasn't in my interest switching from one to another. Overall I wasn't too interested and never took it seriously. But I wasn't ready to go away to college bc I was...
  3. A

    Constantly gassy, stomach rumbles, vomit feeing, nausea

    I’ve had these problems since I was 12 I am now 15. My mum has the exact same problems I(probably worse) but is a lot more comfortable with it than me. I cannot speak to her bout it because she just disregards it everytime. My family is riddled with disease. My dad, nan and grandad have Crohn’s...
  4. R

    Does Anxiety Affect School?

    I am generally a good student. I had a good upbringing with ambitious and great parents and a sister for a role model. However, in the past few years, my grades have been going steadily down. Now, in my core(english+history) class, my grades are terrible. I am expected to be an A student. But I...
  5. R

    Panic in School... help please

    whoo... first post i've been looking all around the internet but couldn't find anything for this, only for college students. i'm 13, and in middle school for one more month(woohoo)... but i'm pretty much failing my core classes. my teacher is already helping me so i can graduate. the bigger...