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  1. Grace360

    Eye choices - Need opinions

    If anyone can give me input, I could use it. I'm trying to take my mind off of my anxiety by focusing on another thing, perhaps. So I wear glasses. One of my eyes is so bad. Like, nearing legal blindness. The lense for that particular eye is very thick. Every one notices. My other eye is fine...
  2. L

    Fixated on going blind due to this habit of mine.

    I am now 21 but have developed a huge fear of going blind in the future. During my younger days probably 13 14 years old I used to sneak my iphone in bed (in pitch dark!!) and play games before i go to bed. So here I am, worried sick everyday and have been living in intense regrets since. I...
  3. D

    Eye problems?? Please help

    Hi, I frequented this forum back in 2015 with HA and fear of a brain tumor and severe anxiety and OCD Type O. I was having blurry vision out the ass and I visit the eye doctor four times to get my prescription right. Long story short, the first two times I visited the eye doctor in 2015 they...
  4. E

    I'm afraid I'm going blind. Please help :(

    ive been an absolute mess lately. My anxiety and depression is through the roof so this doesn't really help it. I went to an optometrist for what I thought was a floater. She saw something in the corner of my eye and referred me to a retinal specialist. He looked and said it was old inflammation...
  5. A

    Thoughts leading to physical feelings?

    Hey, I usual find my symptoms relatively quickly while searching forums, but i have a very big problem which causes me so much stress because I've never seen anything remotely similar. I obsess over things like moving my limbs, breathing, blinking. And most of the time i relate alot to what...